Three creative projects of trampoline theme park

- Apr 07, 2021-

Theme parks with trampolines as their core project are actually not new. Many cities already have relatively popular indoor trampoline parks. Of course, fun is really fun, tired and really tired... But this is just the tip of the iceberg in the trampoline park. In fact, in the outdoor environment, trampoline parks also have many places that can be used. Children's parks and non-powered parks have trampoline elements.

There are three kinds of projects that are quite creative and novel, which are very suitable for children. Combined with the relaxing atmosphere of nature, they are worth experiencing.

Bouncing cloud

The trampoline project aimed at children’s fun has a cartoon and cute appearance, which is quite attractive to children. Compared with the traditional large trampoline, such a project gives people a better look and feel on the whole, and the integration with the venue environment will Better, the atmosphere is more natural, it looks comfortable, and it is good to play, and the softer texture will not be too dangerous. On the other hand, the scale of such a project can be controlled at will. Because it is a special-shaped structure, you can basically do it anywhere and any scene. The advantages are obvious at a glance, and the most important thing is Children like it. This kind of bouncing cloud project adds a new color to the trampoline theme.

Mini trampoline

Trampolines are traditionally a gymnastics event, so they still give people the impression that they are dangerous, or children who are too young will feel relieved to let them play. Combined with this kind of market concern, the designer has made exquisite improvements to the use of trampolines. Therefore, a mini-embedded trampoline has appeared. There is no fixed shape or size. The scale of the model layout is freely chosen, and the venue can be arranged as it is reasonable. The free nature of the mini trampoline will be more delicate for the interpretation of the theme of the trampoline. There are already mini trampolines in many landing projects. The response is very good. The key is to allow young children to easily experience the fun of trampolines. Don’t worry about safety. 

Aerial trampoline

There are caring and exciting. If the mini trampoline is for younger children, then the aerial trampoline is for bigger children, but also to accommodate and absorb more popularity. The aerial trampoline usually appears in the form of a rope net, which is in line with nature. We have done better in terms of combining conditions, relying on natural trees and so on. The rope net trampoline has a good tension that can accommodate multiple people to experience at the same time. It is a very cost-effective project. Of course, the requirements for rope net technology are very high. The rationality of the structure also has rigid requirements, which require more professional customized services to meet. Construction of aerial trampoline.