These creative details for the indoor children's playground

- Dec 28, 2020-

What theme parks are trying to achieve is to create a wonderful travel experience for tourists, and it is important to create a "good mood". Only considerate of the subtle feelings of tourists, emphasizing the details of human experience, in order to create a park tourists really like.

Road design should be clear

A route plan that conforms to the behavior of visitors may not be a plus for your park, but if done badly, it can easily become a weakness for the park.

In 1998, Disney's Animal Kingdom design team deliberately hid the end of a road in an attempt to guide visitors through the mystery themselves. As a result, many tourists stand at the crossroads and hesitate. Most of them dare not cross the path at last. Finally, the park widened and straightened the road again, so that visitors could see at a glance where the road led, and the flow of people began to move smoothly.

Improve the comfort and playability of queuing space

The process of queuing for play is boring and tiring. The detailed design can make the tourists spend it easily.

Orlando Disney fantasy engineering creative team for dumbo attraction pavilion designed a circus playground with air conditioning, in waiting, visitors can be in the first visit, when they turn ride dumbo, "tickets for the circus" in the pager device will remind, let time queuing time spent in the joy of interactive games.

Create a situational scene experience space

With a large base of fans and strong stickiness, can we create a realistic movie scene for them and let them experience the fantasy journey of the protagonist of the movie?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studio Osaka, is based on the Harry Potter films, from the peripheral road landscape sketch to the entrance landscape, from the building street view to the interior space. During the tour, visitors occasionally exclaim what scene is in which movie. This immersive scene experience has a strong sense of substitution, which is a good way to warm up the mood for theme play and theme business consumption.

Amusement equipment has large space capacity and can be adjusted

Puppy-go-round at Silverwood Theme Park in northern Idaho allows adults to ride side-by-side with their children and raise or lower their dog's mount as needed. The Avalanche slide is a change from the conventional "narrow slide for 1-2 people" to a "wide slide for six people", reflecting the trend for two families or three generations to travel together.