How to do a good job of trampoline park sanitation cleaning work?

- Dec 08, 2020-

Safety and health is the most important and basic guarantee for all amusement places, especially for child-type venues. Parents' attention to safety and health will play a very important role in the operation of venues.

Establish management system

Besides choosing safe and reliable trampoline equipment, it is more important to establish a set of scientific and reasonable safety management system and improve the safety awareness of staff. As long as the heart to do these details, security is not a problem.

Daily disinfection and cleaning

After daily closing, the venue staff shall do a good job in cleaning the ground, guardrail, tables and chairs, and tour equipment. Different cleaning methods should be used for special materials. Such as the ball pool of the ocean ball. Indoor should often ventilated spray disinfection with oxygen acetic acid once a week. Large equipment to use soapy water, disinfectant, bleach and other clean cloth scrub, with ultraviolet light to sterilize. Thoroughly disinfect special swimming gear with disinfectant every 3-5 days.

To persuade the customer

To enter and exit the venue, hand sanitizer should be used for hand sanitization. If the venue conditions are limited, shoes can be changed and hand sanitizer can be put in the venue to sterilize. New socks or socks that have been cleaned and disinfected must be worn. When customers enter the play area, they should be reminded to follow the principle of no diet. Customers are not allowed to bring food in. Food and drink can be fixed area, generally can be arranged in the rest area. Note: Remind customers to wash their hands carefully before and after eating.