Briefly understand the classification of slide

- Oct 29, 2020-

The design of children's combined slide is novel, which has a very good effect on training children's sports ability. To a certain extent, it has trained children's abilities of drilling, climbing, rolling and jumping. So how much do you know about children's slide? Let's learn about it together.

According to the material of the slide, children's slide is divided into plastic slide and steel slide:

Plastic children's slide: colorful colors, novel and fashionable design, plastic children's slide has been known as the champion in the sales of children's slide. Plastic children's slide is made of LLDPE engineering plastic, which is very safe and environmental protection, not easy to aging, strong strength, very smooth surface, good weather resistance, not easy to fade and so on.

Steel children's slide: Steel children's slide is generally built according to the slope, with the advantages of good strength, strong and solid, etc., which is common in the community or park. The steel children's slide is more challenging in playing and designing, and its appearance is more fashionable.

According to the shape design, children's slide is divided into single slide, double slide, spiral slide, roller slide and open slide.

In addition to the slides mentioned above, there are many styles of children's slide, so we will not introduce them one by one. Suitable is the best, buyers can choose according to the actual situation of the venue.