How to choose the right naughty castle according to different ages

- Nov 06, 2020-

Naughty castle is a very popular playground equipment among children's amusement facilities. There are many kinds of playgrounds in naughty castle. Different types are suitable for children of different ages. How should parents choose for their children? Now, let me introduce it to you. 

1-3 years old: for children of this age group, the movement development is not coordinated enough. Therefore, parents should choose naughty castle children's amusement facilities toys that can promote the development of movement for their children, such as big ball, trolley, tricycle, etc., so that the children can get whole body movement in the activities and make their movements develop harmoniously. 

3-6 years old: Children's mind has obvious random and emotional characteristics, children's self-control ability is poor, lack of purpose. Therefore, the naughty castle toys for 3-6-year-old children must have bright colors, beautiful shapes, vivid and interesting images, so as to arouse children's interest and attract them to actively participate in the fun. 

6-9 years old: children already have a certain understanding of things. Therefore, for children of this age, parents can choose some children's playgrounds toys of naughty castle which focus on the development of children's perception. Such as colorful balls, colorful bowls, all kinds of doll color circles, animal toys and electric toys that can make all kinds of sounds for children to watch. These facility toys can make children fully perceive and repeatedly identify the color, sound, shape, size, spatial contrast, material characteristics of objects, so that children can gradually master the sensory standards and language expression methods. 

9-12 years old: Children's cognitive development still retains a considerable part of intuitive action thinking. During this period, children's small muscle group development is not perfect, hand eye coordination ability is poor. Therefore, the naughty castle toys that parents choose for their children should be able to see and spell, so that the children can freely use their hands, and cultivate their operation ability of opening, closing, covering, wearing, knocking, assembling and disassembling. 

The effect of all kinds of products in naughty castle is different, and the corresponding age level is also different. The biggest purpose is to achieve the comprehensive development of children's intelligence and body. Therefore, parents should try to take their children to play selectively, and the effect of playing will be better.