Children's naughty castle common equipment classification

- Dec 31, 2020-

Children's naughty castle common equipment classification

Most people know that a combination slide, ocean ball pool, swing bridge and other entertainment equipment can be placed in the naughty castle for children. There are plastic materials and wooden series of amusement equipment. Of course, there may be some fixings such as screw steel pipes. In short, the composition of children's naughty castle materials is very many. Let me introduce the equipment classification of the conventional naughty castle paradise:

1. Combination slide: Children's limbs and body coordination can be continuously exercised on the combination slide;

2. Dangqiao: Establish the body's balance ability and improve the harmony of the body. Exercise the guts of children

3. Gliding in the air: exercise physical fitness and stimulate children's courage to overcome difficulties;

4. Claw ball: The integration of posture and bilateral, promote a high degree of action planning;

5. Massage ball: test children's vestibular balance ability and sense of gravity;

6. Shake music: adjust the inherent feeling and vision;

7. Coconut tree: Children perform climbing, sitting and other movements in a safe parallel rotation, and coordinate and stabilize the coordination of upper and lower limbs to form a new balance experience to promote the improvement of sensory ability.

8. Water roller: Children use a smart and agile movement to control a floating ball on the water, which can exercise children's limb coordination.

9. Water slide combination: The dynamic elements are added to the traditional concept combination slide to make it use and visually refreshed. Children will enjoy the happy moment of sliding up and down, and the gurgling sound makes them more happy.

10. Ocean ball pool: In a region, a large slide is placed in the center, surrounded by ocean balls, equipped with barrier-free facilities, so that the children can be immersed in the happy "ocean world", enhance children's senses, and be cheerful to children Character formation is very helpful.