The advantages of climbing equipment in children's playgrounds

- Dec 07, 2020-

Take children out we will find that children particularly like to climb, where the high to climb where the naughty castle to play, is also willing to play in the high and low jungle gym hundreds of play, why? Should also explain from the child's psychology Angle actually?

Inspire children's desire to explore and play

Once a child has learned to climb, his curiosity leads him to climb higher. Climbing allows him to stand higher and see what he wants to see. Climbing to the top is a sign that the child is eager to learn about the world and is the first step in preparing him to adapt better. It is an innate cognitive need for children to know and understand the world by climbing high and so on. The climbing equipment in the children's playground has been tested for safety and physical fitness, which can make children play with peace of mind and satisfy children's curiosity and desire to explore, so it is popular.

Constantly improving physical and mental health

Children's safety and health is the wish of every parent. Climbing requires children to mobilize the whole body to coordinate movement and the comprehensive cooperation of hands, feet and eyes. By climbing the amusement equipment, children can have better coordination, more flexible movements, more acute reactions, promote their physical health, and let children get great interest from it. To experience together with other children of the same age can strengthen children's sense of competition and help them to have a better foothold in society in the future.

Variety and playability of climbing equipment

Each naughty Castle park is custom built, with equipment designed to fit the site, and the climbing equipment is diverse and playable. The growth of children needs constant trial and experience to gain successful experience accumulation. Parents encourage their children to participate in climbing, so that they can become more brave and strong.