A climbing wall is installed in the home

- Apr 17, 2020-

A climbing wall is installed in the home, and the design of the children's room is very interesting!

  Do you have good memories of your growing home? When you were young, did you dream of making a small design with a brush? If you dream about your room, you must also grow up in the house where the case was introduced.

  The combination sofa in the game room can be used as a floor mat for climbing walls.

  West Coast designer Regan Baker and her company of the same name are behind the San Francisco apartment planner. Why do all children want to own this house in their childhood? Because the designer designed the indoor climbing wall and sofa combination. The original wine cellar was transformed into a craft room.

  An 8-foot by 2-foot climbing wall on the side of the children's playroom

  Floor-to-ceiling walls can be up to 8.5 feet high and can be relocated to increase or decrease difficulty. Next to the rock wall is a detachable and assembled sofa. Children can jump on the sofa and make it a landing mat for every child's dream!

  In 2014, Baker designed a very interesting showroom where the tents extend the length of the room. When a family of five invited her to design a newly renovated house near the Pacific Heights, she proposed "adult". Share the space with the children and introduce the entire childish showroom into the concept of this house.

  Craft room transformed from wine cellar

  In the other corner of the living room, there is an old piano

  In other spaces of the house, Baker used more neutral tones and combined new furniture with artifacts from India and Istanbul.

  The girl ’s bedroom injects the girl ’s whimsical ideas into the details of the room design. click enlarge

  Detroit Wallpapers for Boys and Dinostar Wallpapers

  This situation is more fascinating is the children's room for two children. Curtains hung on the head of the girl's room, and butterflies fluttered on the curtains. It looks innocent; the boy room is more arrogant and special. The wallpaper pattern is actually another kind of dinosaur intertwined with the earth, as if telling a story full of children's fun.